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Your Experts in GE and Samsung 3D/4D Ultrasound Probe Repair

Ultrasound Probe Repair 

We offer the highest quality in-house ultrasound probe repair to make sure your transducer is the closest to manufacturer standards:

  • Free overnight loaner probes*
  • 2D, 3D, 4D repairs
  • Dropout / array repairs and replacements
  • Lens replacements
  • General, abdominal, and endocavity probe repair
  • Fully refurbished options

*free loaner probe subject to availability - free with purchase of repair or replacement

3D/4D Probe Repair Experts

  • We are your experts for 3D/4D ultrasound probe repair
  • Cap / dome replacements
  • Oil leak repair / oil fills
  • Array and array ball replacements
  • Motor and electrical repairs and replacements
  • 50+ years of experience combined

GE and Samsung Probe Repair

  • Let us repair your RIC5-9-D, RIC5-9W-RS, RAB6-D, RAB4-8-D, V5-9, V4-8, VE4-8, and many more!

Quick, In-Depth Evaluations

  • 24 hour evaluations*
  • Fully identify all issues
  • Verify all standards are met
  • Broken ultrasound probe? Yellow cable? 3D / 4D not working? Black lines in scan image? You can trust Integrity Medical Service for help!

*Some restrictions apply

Having an issue with your probe? Fill out the form below for a repair request and/or more information!

The experts in GE and Samsung 3D / 4D transducer repair


Send us your faulty ultrasound probe. If needed and available, we will send you a loaner probe the same day!


Our probe repair experts immediately start to diagnose the probe's issues as soon as it is received. We send a quote to you which allows you to choose to either repair your probe, keep the loaner for a competitive exchange cost, or have your repaired probe sent back to you.


If you choose to keep the loaner probe you are all done! If not, simply send back our probe in the box we send yours back in!

Evaluation Process
Our process is as simple as it can be! Just send us your faulty probe, and we evaluate it as soon as we receive it! All repairs must be approved before any work has begun.
Loaner Probes
We try our best to stock our loaner probe inventory with the widest variety of probes to suit most facilities needs and maintain up-time while we repair your transducer!
Our GE 3D/4D Specialty
Utilizing the technicians who started the probe repair industry with GE, we have the capabilities to repair almost any fault on  GE 3D/4D transducers back to near factory standards!
Our Quality Guarantee
Every repair or exchange on a probe comes with our 90 day standard warranty, so you never have to worry!
Probes We Repair
We are currently repairing most standard 2D probes and 3D/4D probes! We are always expanding our capabilities, so give us a call to see how we can help!
Why trust us?
With our family owned and operated company founded in 2010 on the basis of integrity, we strive to make sure every decision we make is the right decision for you!

We are the leading experts for offering full repairs and refurbishes on your ultrasound probe / transducer to get it as close as possible to factory standards! All of our repairs are done in-house, by our master technicians with over 50 years of combined experience! Contact us today for help or more information! 

Ultrasound Probe Repair Capabilities

Repair or replacement capabilities include but are not limited to: cap, membrane, lens, array, motor, electrical repair, wire retermination, shaft replacement, housing/casing, strain reliefs, cable, connector, and all cosmetic refurbishing as well. Every repair includes a 90 day warranty and first call results if possible!

ManufaturerProbe ModelProbe Type
GE3CRFConvex 2D
GE3CRF-DConvex 2D
Samsung / Medison3D2-6ETCurved 3D/4D
Samsung / Medison3D4-8ETCurved 3D/4D
Samsung / Medison3D4-9Endocavity 3D/4D
Samsung / Medison3D4-9ESEndocavity 3D/4D
Samsung / Medison3D5-9EKEndocavity 3D/4D
Siemens3V2cDPhased Array
Siemens4C1Curved 2D
GE4C-AConvex 2D
Siemens4V1cPhased Array
Siemens6C2Curved 2D
Siemens6L3Linear 2D
GE6S-DPhased Array
Siemens7V3cPhased Array
Siemens8L5Linear 2D
GE9L-DLinear 2D
GE11L-DLinear 2D
Siemens15L8wLinear 2D
GEAB2-7Convex 2D
GEAC2-5Convex 2D
GEC1-5-DConvex 2D
GEC1-6-DConvex 2D
Samsung / MedisonC2-6Convex 2D
Samsung / MedisonC2-6ICCurved 2D
Samsung / MedisonC2-8Curved 2D
GEC2-9-DConvex 2D
Samsung / MedisonC3-7IMCurved 2D
Samsung / MedisonCA1-7AConvex 2D
Samsung / MedisonCA1-7ADCurved 2D
Samsung / MedisonCA2-8AConvex 2D
Samsung / MedisonCA2-8ADCurved 2D
Samsung / MedisonCA2-9AConvex 2D
Samsung / MedisonCA3-10AConvex 2D
Samsung / MedisonCF4-9Curved 2D
Samsung / MedisonCS1-4Curved 2D
Samsung / MedisonCV1-8AConvex 3D/4D
Samsung / MedisonCV1-8ADConvex 3D/4D
Samsung / MedisonE3-12AEndocavity 2D
Samsung / MedisonEA2-11BEndocavity 2D
Samsung / MedisonEC4-9ISCurved 2D
Samsung / MedisonER4-9Endocavity 2D
Samsung / MedisonEV3-10BEndocavity 3D/4D
SiemensEV-8C4Endocavity 2D
Samsung / MedisonEVN4-9Endocavity 2D
GEIC5-9-DEndocavity 2D
GEIC5-9HEndocavity 2D
Samsung / MedisonL3-12ALinear 2D
Samsung / MedisonL4-7ELLinear 2D
Samsung / MedisonL5-12/50EPLinear 2D
Samsung / MedisonL5-13Linear 2D
Samsung / MedisonL5-13ISLinear 2D
Samsung / MedisonL7-16ISLinear 2D
GEL8-18i-DLinear 2D
Samsung / MedisonLA2-9ALinear 2D
Samsung / MedisonLA3-14ADLinear 2D
Samsung / MedisonLA3-16ALinear 2D
Samsung / MedisonLA3-16AILinear 2D
Samsung / MedisonLA4-18BLinear 2D
Samsung / MedisonLF5-13Linear 2D
Samsung / MedisonLM4-15BLinear 2D
Samsung / MedisonLV3-14AConvex 3D/4D
GEM5S-DPhased Array
GEM6C-DConvex 2D
GEM7C-HConvex 2D
GEM12L-HLinear 2D
GEML6-15-DLinear 2D
Samsung / MedisonP2-4ACPhased Array
Samsung / MedisonP3-5ACPhased Array
GEPA2-5PPhased Array
Samsung / MedisonPA3-8BPhased Array
Samsung / MedisonPA4-12BPhased Array
GEPA6-8Phased Array
Samsung / MedisonPE2-4Phased Array
Samsung / MedisonPM1-6APhased Array
GERAB2-5-DConvex 3D/4D
GERAB2-5LConvex 3D/4D
GERAB4-8-DConvex 3D/4D
GERAB4-8LConvex 3D/4D
GERAB6-DConvex 3D/4D
GERIC5-9-DEndocavity 3D/4D
GERIC5-9-HEndocavity 3D/4D
GERIC-5-9W-RSEndocavity 3D/4D
GERNA5-9Convex 3D/4D
GERNA5-9-DConvex 3D/4D
GERRE6-10Endocavity 3D/4D
GERSP6-16Linear 3D/4D
GERSP6-16-DLinear 3D/4D
GES1-5Phased Array
GES1-5-DPhased Array
GES4-10Phased Array
GES4-10-DPhased Array
Samsung / MedisonSC1-6Convex 2D
Samsung / MedisonSP3-8Phased Array
GESP4-10Linear 2D
GESP6-12Linear 2D
GESP10-16Linear 2D
Samsung / MedisonV4-8Convex 3D/4D
Samsung / MedisonV4-8 pinlessConvex 3D/4D
Samsung / MedisonV5-9Endocavity 3D/4D
Samsung / MedisonV5-9 pinlessEndocavity 3D/4D
Samsung / MedisonVE4-8Convex 3D/4D
Samsung / MedisonVR5-9Endocavity 2D
GERIC5-9Endocavity 3D/4D

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