Your experts in GE 3D / 4D transducer repair

Here are some examples of probes we are capable of repairing, plus much more!

Repair or replacement capabilities include but are not limited to: cap, membrane, lens, array, motor, electrical repair, wire retermination, shaft replacement, housing/casing, strain reliefs, cable, connector, and all cosmetic refurbishing as well. Every repair includes a 90 day warranty and first call results if possible!

ManufaturerProbe ModelProbe Type
GESP4-10Linear 2D
GESP6-12Linear 2D
GESP10-16Linear 2D
GEM12L-HLinear 2D
GEAC2-5Convex 2D
GEAB2-7Convex 2D
GE4C-AConvex 2D
GEM7C-HConvex 2D
GEPA2-5PPhased Array
GEPA6-8Phased Array
GEIC5-9HEndocavity 2D
GERAB2-5LConvex 3D/4D
GERAB4-8LConvex 3D/4D
GERNA5-9Convex 3D/4D
GERSP6-16Linear 3D/4D
GERIC-5-9W-RSEndocavity 3D/4D
GERRE6-10Endocavity 3D/4D
GES1-5Phased Array
GES1-5-DPhased Array
GES4-10Phased Array
GES4-10-DPhased Array
GEM5S-DPhased Array
GE6S-DPhased Array
GEC1-5-DConvex 2D
GEC1-6-DConvex 2D
GEC2-9-DConvex 2D
GEM6C-DConvex 2D
GEIC5-9-DEndocavity 2D
GE3CRFConvex 2D
GE3CRF-DConvex 2D
GE9L-DLinear 2D
GE11L-DLinear 2D
GEML6-15-DLinear 2D
GEL8-18i-DLinear 2D
GERIC5-9-DEndocavity 3D/4D
GERNA5-9-DConvex 3D/4D
GERAB2-5-DConvex 3D/4D
GERAB4-8-DConvex 3D/4D
GERAB6-DConvex 3D/4D
GERSP6-16-DLinear 3D/4D
MedisonV5-9Endocavity 3D/4D
MedisonC2-6ICCurved 2D
MedisonC3-7IMCurved 2D
MedisonEC4-9ISCurved 2D
MedisonL5-13ISLinear 2D
MedisonL7-16ISLinear 2D
MedisonL5-12/50EPLinear 2D
MedisonL4-7ELLinear 2D
Medison3D2-6ETCurved 3D/4D
Medison3D4-8ETCurved 3D/4D
Medison3D4-9ESEndocavity 3D/4D
Medison3D5-9EKEndocavity 3D/4D
MedisonP2-4ACPhased Array
MedisonP3-5ACPhased Array
Siemens3V2cDPhased Array
Siemens4V1cPhased Array
Siemens7V3cPhased Array
Siemens6L3Linear 2D
Siemens8L5Linear 2D
Siemens15L8wLinear 2D
Siemens4C1Curved 2D
Siemens6C2Curved 2D
SiemensEV-8C4Endocavity 2D
GERIC5-9-HEndocavity 3D/4D
MedisonV4-8Convex 3D/4D
MedisonV5-9Endocavity 3D/4D
MedisonVE4-8Convex 3D/4D
MedisonCV1-8ADConvex 3D/4D
Medison3D4-9Endocavity 3D/4D
MedisonLF5-13Linear 2D
MedisonLA3-14ADLinear 2D
MedisonL5-13Linear 2D
MedisonCA1-7ADCurved 2D
MedisonCA2-8ADCurved 2D
MedisonCS1-4Curved 2D
MedisonCF4-9Curved 2D
MedisonC2-8Curved 2D
MedisonVR5-9Endocavity 2D
MedisonEVN4-9Endocavity 2D
MedisonER4-9Endocavity 2D
MedisonPE2-4Phased Array
MedisonSP3-8Phased Array

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